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Ed Sheeran on writing for One Direction, their sound and his favourite member
I: Do you have any more plans to work with One Direction? Little Things was such a great track.
Ed: I did two songs for their new one; I don’t know if they’re on the album but they’ve been recorded and stuff and they sound great.
I: Well hopefully they will make the album. What is the sound like?
Ed: I hope it’ll make the album. I wrote one specifically for them, it’s my idea of what their sound should be. And one of them was a song that was one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written but it just never made it on to an album because it was too big, it was a stadium song while I was playing clubs.
I: Do you have a favourite member?
Ed: I don’t know. I see Harry the most and probably get on with him best just because I see him the most and he was the first one that I met. I’ve known him the longest and we’ve shared a lot of mutual friends so probably Harry.
 This is the only one of the whole campaign I will be in!
- Ed Sheeran on being in the inevitable music video that will come out for the third single, “Thinking Out Loud”. [x] (via edsheerandaily)

ed is in everybody’s ice bucket challenge lol


Ed at Ambleside Vancouver 2014 16/18


Ed at Ambleside Vancouver 2014 16/18

Ed Sheeran - 2014 MTV Video Music Awards 

ed’s in ma cityyyyyyyyyy


Ed Sheeran



Ed Sheeran doing the Ice Water Bucket Challenge